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Why high purity quartz raw materials are strategic minerals and key minerals?

Why high purity quartz raw materials are strategic minerals and key minerals?

    At present, the development of a new generation of information and communication science and technology (ICT), represented by cloud computing, big data, intelligent manufacturing and 5G, has accelerated the birth of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Developing strategic emerging industries is the key to solving the problems of industrial development in China today. High purity quartz is closely related to eight out of nine fields such as new generation information technology and new material industry in strategic emerging industries, and is an important supporting material in strategic emerging industries.  
   Photovoltaic, semiconductor, optical communication, optical, electric light source and other industries and fields is an important field support for the development of strategic emerging industry, is the construction of major projects, improve people's livelihood and important guarantee to consolidate national defense, occupies an important position in national economy construction, high purity quartz is widely used in these industries and fields, It is the scarce common high value-added mineral resources in these fields.  
   ptical fiber communication has high anti-interference, fast speed, large transmission capacity, has become an important pillar of modern communication. Plastic fiber and quartz fiber are two main types of optical fiber. Compared with plastic fiber, quartz fiber is developed earlier and its technology is mature. Its excellent performance characteristics have been widely used. 
   Semiconductor industry is known as the pearl of national industry, reflecting the comprehensive strength of a country. Semiconductor components are widely used in communication, 3C, computer and other fields. Ultra-clean studio wafer processing, quartz crucible is the application of high purity quartz products in the semiconductor industry, the semiconductor industry requires the use of high purity quartz sand.  
    Quartz is one of the key raw materials in the photovoltaic industry, mainly used in the form of quartz crucible, quartz tube and various quartz equipment. Monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon in the photovoltaic industry are high purity materials, which requires that the quartz material supporting them must be high purity. Generally, the silica content of photovoltaic quartz sand should be greater than or equal to 99.99%, and the total content of impurity elements should be less than or equal to 25ug/g.
   Optical glass has stable optical properties and high optical uniformity. It is widely used in the fields of light transmission, light storage and photoelectric display. It can be used to manufacture glass materials such as lenses, prisms, mirrors and Windows of microscopic optical instruments or mechanical systems. High purity quartz sand plays a key role as the main raw material in the glass compound, accounting for 60%-80% in the glass compound. Glass batch quality not only relates to the quality of the optical glass products, also affect the service life of the system of glass melting furnace, the use of optical glass production environment on the content of impurities, refractive index, light transmittance, micro defects such as requirement is very high, all these factors are very strict about the quality of the main raw material for quartz sand.  
   At present, there are only a few companies in the world that can supply high purity quartz, such as Sibike Company of the United States, TQC Company of Norway, ANZAPLAN Company of Germany, Quartz Company of Russia and Jiangsu Pacific Quartz Co., LTD of China. Among them, the United States is the main producer and exporter of high purity quartz, the world's 4N8 and above high purity quartz products are almost monopolized by the United States Sibioke Company. From this point of view, the proportion of high purity quartz and its raw materials produced in China is very low, and high purity quartz and its raw materials are mainly concentrated in the United States, Norway, Germany and the Russian Federation and other countries. 

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