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Wheel Type Sand Washing machine

Wheel Sand Washer for Artificial sand.
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 Gravel sand washer machine is our company uses advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of a sand and gravel industry, developed a kind of wheeled sand washing necessary equipment used with sand making machine. The device combines washing, dehydration, grading three functions, It can wash away the trace amounts of powder and impurities of the mixed sand. Thereby improving the quality of the sand.

wheel sand washing machine

working principle

When the gravel sand washer machine is working, the motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly through the V-belt, reducer, and gear. The sand and gravel feed tank enters the washing tank, rolls under the drive of the impeller, and grinds each other to remove the sand and gravel surface. Impurities at the same time destroy the water vapor layer covering the sand particles to facilitate dehydration. At the same time, water is added to form a powerful water stream, which will promptly remove the impurities and foreign objects with small specific gravity and discharge them from the overflow mouth washing tank to complete the cleaning effect. The clean sand and gravel are taken away by the blade, and finally the sand and gravel are poured into the discharge trough from the rotating impeller to complete the cleaning of the sand and gravel.

Performance characteristics

1.High cleaning degree, reasonable structure,

2. Large processing capacity, low power consumption, and low sand loss.

3. Simple structure and low failure rate.

4, sealed structure, fine-grained products remain stable.

5. Save water resources, pollution-free and durable.

Technical parameters


Wheel Diameter


Feeding Size






XSD2610 2600 ≤10
40-80 3328×2100×2735
3000 ≤10
80-160 3845×3206×3840
3600 ≤10
150-300 4500×3206×3840

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