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SHM-309 Superfine powder Mill Shipment

SHM-309 Superfine powder Mill Shipment

The production of two sets of SHM-309 large-scale ultrafine roller mills to Anhui customers ended yesterday. Today the workshop arranges non-stop delivery. SAMHAR SHM series ultra-fine powder mills have been trusted by customers. Especially in the current situation of large-scale enterprises, large-scale SAMHAR mills have become the first choice for many powder enterprises. This set of equipment focuses on the 800-3000 mesh ultra-fine powder market. 800 mesh output can reach 6.5 tons. And pay special attention to the 2 micron content of products above 2500 mesh. The content of 2 micron powder in 3000 mesh products can reach 71%.

  Longyan Samhar Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of ultra-fine crushing equipment, powder modification equipment, sand making equipment, intelligent lime digestion equipment, and industrial automation control systems. Customers involved in non-metallic mineral industries such as calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, calcium hydroxide, light calcium, nano calcium, bentonite, petroleum coke, etc. Soda, white carbon black, sodium sulfate, stearate and other chemical raw materials industries.

Samhar Machinery promises: quality assurance for one year, service first.

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