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Samhar Ring Roller Mill for Sodium sulfate-NaSO4

Samhar Ring Roller Mill for Sodium sulfate-NaSO4

Due to the material characteristics of Sodium sulfate powder with strong water absorption, it is a big problem to avoid moisture in the processing process. Samhar's R&D team shortened the processing time of sodium sulfate and the design direction of "fast in and out" of materials. After years of research, experimentation, adjustment and improvement, samhar ring roller mill for sodium sulfate was finally successfully developed and put into production.
The Samhar special ring roller mill for Sodium sulfate powder adopts special grinding wheels and quantity ratio, adjusts the speed of the main machine, and is equipped with a return air device. It not only improves the crushing efficiency, but also maintains the temperature and dryness of the crushing cavity, ensuring that the powder is not damp during the processing, and is more suitable for ultra-fine processing of sodium sulfate. The special ring roller mill for Sodium sulfate powder has the following technical advantages:
  • Using a special spoiler to maintain a certain gas-to-material ratio, allowing materials to pass more quickly;
  • Using a special grinding wheel support, so that the material is rolled more fully, and the crushing efficiency is improved;
  • The proportion of special customized grinding wheels and the number is matched with the adjustment of the linear speed to increase the crushing speed;
  • Special induced draft fan improves the collection efficiency of qualified powder and prevents the finished product from getting damp;
  • The crushing pair adopts a combined chip-loading structure, which makes it easier, more convenient and faster to disassemble, assemble and unload;
  • Equipped with a return air device to increase the temperature of the crushing chamber and ensure that the crushing environment is dry.
There are many practical cases of ring roller mill for Sodium sulfate powder. Welcome to inquire or visit the factory for guidance!
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