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Samhar company held the first labor skill competition

Samhar company held the first labor skill competition

In order to celebrate the May 1st International Labor Day and enrich the spare-time life of employees, on April 30, 2021, Samhar Trade Union organized all employees to participate in the first labor skills competition of Longyan Samhar Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The competition is divided into four projects: hoisting skills competition, measurement skills competition, welding skills competition, and team tacit competition. The scene of the game was in full swing and was full of excitement. Each contestant is full of energy, self-confidence and calmness, giving full play to their professional abilities, and completing the competition with their own superb skills. This competition is not only testing the abilities of the contestants but also testing their psychological quality.

Through fierce competition, the last three skill champions and a group of tacit teams came to the fore. After the introduction of the competition, the trade union organized an award ceremony for each workshop. Participating employees demonstrated high-standard production skills in the competition, inspiring the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees, and forming a good atmosphere of "comparison, learning, catching up, helping, and surpassing" throughout the factory.

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