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Quartz stone plate with sand pickling process

Quartz stone plate with sand pickling process

China's artificial quartz stone production technology in 2010 began to gradually mature, and with the advantages of performance, price and other aspects began to gradually replace acrylic artificial stone become the main material in the field of kitchen countertops, artificial quartz stone industry is still in the growth stage, there is a huge market potential.  And with the fierce competition in the quartz stone plate market, the quality and performance requirements of the quartz stone plate are becoming higher and higher. 

At present, quartz sand purification methods include magnetic separation, pickling, flotation, microbial method and complex method.  Pickling can remove some metal oxides dissolved in acid and some silicate minerals.  And after pickling quartz sand (pickling sand) has no particularly high requirements on the source, has great advantages in supply and price, so it is an important choice to replace quartz fine sand for the production of artificial quartz stone plate. 

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