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  • SHM-309 Superfine powder Mill Shipment

    The production of two sets of SHM-309 large-scale ultrafine roller mills to Anhui customers ended yesterday. Today the workshop arranges non-stop delivery. SAMHAR SHM series ultra-fine powder mills have been trusted by customers. Especially in the current situation of large-scale enterprises, l...

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  • How the ring roller mill works

    Samhar SHM Series roller mill can be widely used in the industries of mining, chemicals, metallurgy, non-metallic ores and other different industries. In particular, it’s outstanding in processing white superfine stone powders, providing superior quality fillers and additives for paper making, coati...

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  • SHM-309 was officially put into production in Guangxi

    In September 2020, with the joint efforts of our after-sales technicians and customers, our SHM-309 large ultra-fine ring roller mill was installed and debugged in place and entered the trial production stage. As we all know, the ring roller mill has certain disadvantages in terms of output due to i...

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  • Samhar is serious about taking the road of green development!

    As China strengthens environmental governance, energy conservation and emission reduction gradually deepen, all kinds of enterprises need to continuously transform and upgrade.Our company also actively responds to the harmonious unity of corporate economic benefits, ecological benefits and social be...

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  • Why can SHM-309 large ultra-fine ring roller mill succeed?

    Longyan Samhar Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. began to develop large-scale ultra-fine ring roller mill in 2016, and entered the Vietnam market in 2017 and obtained customer recognition. After occupying the Chinese market in 2019, it has also been highly praised. The global economy will suffer a s...

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  • Chen Jinlong and other leaders visited Samhar company

    At 9:00 am on April 16, 2019, the leaders of Chen Jinlong District, Xinluo District, Longling District, Xinluo District Government Office, and Xinlu District Longzhou Industrial Park leader visited our new cemented carbide plant for guide the work. Liu Ronggui general manager, expressed his warm wel...

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  • Samhar won the third prize of Employee Innovation Competition

    On October 14, 2019, at the awarding ceremony of the winners of the “Employee Innovation Contest”in the 2019 staff of Xinluo District, Longyan City. The two projects of Samhar won the third prize at the same time.The winning project is nano-calcium depolymerization process and equipment project and ...

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  • Provincial Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise

    On September 29, 2019, the Longyan City Intellectual Property Commissioner's Business Training and Intellectual Property Management System Internal Auditor Training Conference was held in 2019. Samhar Machinery won the honorary title of “Longyan City Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”. &nbs...

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