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Nano Calcium Ultrafine Pulverizer

nano-calcium grinding machine with good depolymerization.
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  For nano-calcium and other agglomerated materials with small primary particle size, certain viscosity, light specific gravity and high surface energy, Samhar Nano-calcium machine utilizes the effect of multiple high-pressure cyclones to adopt the method of forced route depolymerization and high depolymerization rate. This model has been upgraded and perfected many times and has been used in more than fifty nano-calcium enterprises for many years. The operation effect is good, the fineness of the finished product is small and uniform, and it is well received lot if praised by customers.

Technical characteristics

1. High disaggregation rate, no coarse particles pollution.
2. Drying integrated, wide adaptability.
3. Low maintenance rate and high cost performance.

The main technical parameters:

Model CJM-700N



Diameter φ(mm) 700 1000 1200



<3000     <2000 <1500


<2900 <2900 <2900


Main Motor

        45          90 110


7.5 30 30

Wind Blower

22 55 75
Total 74.5 195 230



2.6 3.15 3.75


6.5×3 11.2×3.5 13.5×4



hammer type pulverizer machine

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.