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Longyan City Market Supervision Bureau, Intellectual Property Office leaders visited Samhar

Longyan City Market Supervision Bureau, Intellectual Property Office leaders visited Samhar

At 16 o'clock on the afternoon of August 30, 2019, Director Lu Chunping of Longyan City Market Supervision Administration, Director of the Municipal Intellectual Property Office, Mr. Wang Shunmei, Director of the Xinluo District Intellectual Property Office, Li Bin, and other relevant leaders visited our new factory in Longzhou Industrial Park Investigate and guide the work. Mr. Zheng Meixin, Chairman of the Samhar Machinery extended a warm welcome to the leaders who came to the survey .

Director Lu led the leaders and the team to go deep into the production line and to understand and guide the demonstration of the intellectual property advantage and the needs of intellectual property work. Zheng Meixin, the chairman of our company, introduced the details of the equipment to the leaders and the advantages of our patented technology. The leaders of the city fully affirmed the patented technology of our company and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions. Encourage our company to strengthen intellectual property protection, enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and strive to upgrade the technology into an industry standard and turn it into productivity.

Finally, Chairman Zheng Meixin, on behalf of Samhar Machinery, expressed gratitude to the government and leaders for their guidance. He also said that he will continue to practice the road of science and technology as the primary productive force and develop the mountain into an industry-standard advantageous enterprise.

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