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ultra-fine impact mill for chemical,food,medicine ect...
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    CJM-A impact mill is a high-efficiency, mechanical impact type ultra-fine crusher. The crushing and classification of materials are placed in the same body and operate independently. It has a compact structure, convenient operation, infinitely adjustable powder fineness, and maintenance. Simple features. Therefore, it is widely used in non-metallic ore, chemical industry, food, dyes, organic materials, rubber, medicine and cutting-edge technology in the field of ultrafine crushing.

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Non-metallic mineral industry: nano calcium, gray calcium, wollastonite, bentonite, brucite, kaolin, phosphate rock, talc, tungsten ore, graphite, 108 glaze, mica, rare earth, phosphate, mirror iron ore ...

Chemical industry: petroleum coke, white carbon black, AC blowing agent, titanium dioxide, zinc stearate, polyvinyl alcohol, iron oxide red, melamine, activated carbon, carbon black, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum oxide, phosphoric acid Monoammonium, lead sulfate, lead borate, basic zinc carbonate, lithopone, compound fertilizer, industrial salt, silica gel, cobalt oxide, camphor powder ...
Food industry: starch, sugar, agar, soybean meal, Chinese herbal medicine, cocoa, dried vegetable leaves ...
The main technical parameters:

Model CJM-420 CJM-700 CJM-1000 CJM-1200
420 700 1000 1200
RPM(r/min) Rotary <5000 <3000 <2000 <1500
Classifier <2900 <2900
<2900 <2900
Power(kw) Main motor 22 37-45 55-90 90-110
Classifier 3 7.5 22-30 30
Blower motor 7.5 15-18.5 45-75 75-90
Total 32.5 59.5-71 122-195 195-230
Height 1.35 2.6 3.15 3.75
Area 55.2×2 6.5×3 11.2×3.5 13.5×4
Output(kg/h) 150~1000 300~2000 600~5000 1500~9000

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