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Chen Jinlong and other leaders visited Samhar company

Chen Jinlong and other leaders visited Samhar company

At 9:00 am on April 16, 2019, the leaders of Chen Jinlong District, Xinluo District, Longling District, Xinluo District Government Office, and Xinlu District Longzhou Industrial Park leader visited our new cemented carbide plant for guide the work. Liu Ronggui general manager, expressed his warm welcome to the leaders who came to the survey and organized the heads of the general manager of the office, Zheng Meixin, Qiu Yupan and Lan Hui.

Mr. Chen and other leaders went deep into the production line and gave guidance on the development of the construction of our new plant. General Manager Liu Ronggui introduced the basic situation of the construction of the plant to the leaders and made a detailed report on the future development plan. The leaders of the district fully affirmed the construction of the new factory of our company and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions to encourage our company to continue to deepen the road of sustainable development of technological innovation and technology, and strive for greater progress.

Finally, General Manager Liu Ronggui expressed his gratitude to the government and Chen’s concern on behalf of the company. He said that he will make greater efforts to make greater contributions to the development of the powder equipment industry and Longyan local economy.

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