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What are the processing machine for calcium carbonate powder

What are the processing machine for calcium carbonate powder

22 Feb 2021

Heavy calcium carbonate is widely used in industries such as paint, rubber, plastics, construction, papermaking, and feeding. So what equipment are used for processing? Today we will introduce the grinding technology and processing equipment of heavy calcium.

The materials processed by heavy calcium usually include calcite and limestone. These raw materials can be ground by a mill to produce heavy calcium powder. What are the processing equipment used to process heavy calcium? Commonly used mills for heavy calcium powder processing include Raymond mills, ultra-fine ring roller mills, and vertical mills.

Raymond mill is a common milling equipment, mainly used for heavy calcium grinding under 325 mesh. The Raymond Mill adopts a three-dimensional structure with a small footprint and can save a large part of the cost in terms of infrastructure. At the same time, the production capacity is high and the operation is relatively stable. It is a very good heavy calcium mill.

SHM series superfine roller mill can grind heavy calcium to more than 325-3000 mesh. The whole processing fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily. Compared with the Raymond mill, the superfine mill has the advantages of low wear rate, stable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, low noise, low vibration, no powder leakage, and high production efficiency.

Vertical mill is a large-scale and industrialized milling equipment, especially suitable for large-scale grinding and processing of heavy calcium carbonate. It has a high degree of automation, low production cost, and high efficiency. The fineness of the finished product is 325~1500 mesh. high. Vertical mills need to perform secondary classification when producing ultra-fine powders over 1500 mesh.

There are many types of mill for grinding heavy calcium, and the majority of powder companies can choose different types according to different processing fineness.

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