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What are the advantages of Samhar Roller Mill

What are the advantages of Samhar Roller Mill

22 Jul 2020

Ring roller mill has a targeted development trend of the mill industry and market demand, and is a newest milling equipment developed for the processing of ultrafine powder. The ring roller mill has comprehensive mechanical crushing properties such as extrusion, grinding, impact, etc. It runs smoothly, and the powder fineness can be adjusted between 80 mesh and 3000 mesh.

Samhar ring roller mills innovatively adopt a split combined structure to increase crushing channels and reduce maintenance difficulties. The unique spindle structure realizes zero axis clearance and reduces the spindle failure rate.

What are the characteristics of Samhar Superfine Ring Roll Mill?

1. Low noise and low vibration.

2. High fine powder content.

3. Ring roller grinding ring and grinding wheel wear little, long replacement, 3-5 times of ordinary Raymond grinding.

4. It is suitable for processing materials with Mohs hardness less than 6.

5. The iron content in the micro powder is small.

6. Low power consumption, high efficiency, convenient installation and maintenance.

The above are the advantages of the ring roller mill. Hope it will help you. Welcome to inquire.

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