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How to Choose a Suitable Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

How to Choose a Suitable Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

28 Dec 2020

Calcium carbonate powder produces one kind of dry grinding, and the other is wet grinding. This article mainly discusses dry grinding equipment. Calcium carbonate grinders for dry grinding include ball mills, Raymond mills, roller mill, vertical mill, jet mill, etc.

The production principle of Raymond pulverizer is that the raw material is squeezed, rubbed, cut and ground under the impact of the roller. When the Raymond mill is used to produce calcium carbonate powder below 400 mesh, it has a competitive advantage in investment and possibility. However, the working principle of the Raymond mill determines the proportion of fine powder produced. For example, in 400 mesh calcium carbonate powder, fine powders below 10 μm account for about 35%, and fine powders below 5 μm account for only 5%, which is far lower than other calcium carbonate mill. The Raymond mill is paired with a classifier to produce 600-1250 mesh calcium carbonate powder. The low proportion of fine powder means low production capacity and high efficiency. Therefore, it is unwise and economical to make calcium carbonate powder into 600 mesh or more.

In terms of working principle, it is an advanced version of Raymond Mill. The difference is that the diameter of the roller in the ring roller mill is more than that of Raymond, and the rolling process is divided into three to four levels. Therefore, the roller mill can produce low productivity 400-2500 mesh ground calcium carbonate powder. And no secondary classification is required.

The main production of calcium carbonate powder below 1000 meshes is carried out by an additional classifier for secondary classification. The vertical grinder can also produce calcium carbonate powder above 1250. The stand-alone vertical mill has high production capacity, but large investment. The rollers of the machine work with a hydraulic system, which greatly improves the crushing efficiency of the rollers. Therefore, the grinding efficiency of the vertical mill is higher than that of the Raymond mill.

Inside the ball mill, there are many balls of different sizes, called ball media. When the ball mill rotates, the spherical medium and limestone inside the ball mill will collide and be crushed to produce fine and ultrafine calcium carbonate powder. Ball mills are widely used to make calcium carbonate as an example. Calcium carbonate powder of 600-6000 mesh can be obtained by using a ball mill with a secondary air separator. However, the limitation of the ball mill lies in the high noise, and the powder is easily contaminated.

Any Raymond mill, ring roller mill, vertical mill or ball mill has its own advantages and disadvantages. As long as the equipment that meets the user's own needs is a good equipment.

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