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Artificial graphite anode material grinding equipment

Artificial graphite anode material grinding equipment

In recent years, the rapid development of new energy vehicles has driven the demand for lithium battery industry. What's the difference between artificial graphite and natural graphite? Natural graphite and artificial graphite in the morphology, natural graphite size particles are different, particle size distribution is wide, untreated natural graphite is not directly used as a cathode material, need to be used after a series of processing, and artificial graphite in the morphology is more consistent, particle size distribution is narrow; In the performance of natural graphite capacity is high, high compaction density, the price is cheaper, but due to different particle size, more surface defects, and electrolyte compatibility is poor, side reaction is more; And artificial graphite is more balanced performance, good circulation performance, and the compatibility of electrolyte is better, the price will be more expensive. Therefore, the current mainstream commercial lithium anode materials market share of 85%.

But artificial graphite disadvantage lies in the graphitization process of high energy consumption, high emissions. Although natural graphite electrode is not as good as artificial graphite in circulation and consistency, but natural graphite eliminates the graphitization process, in the "double control" environment, the research and development of natural graphite is a trend.
Natural graphite, artificial graphite and other lithium anode materials in the process of ultra-fine grinding equipment, but also with the market needs to get the development. At present, impact mechanical mill, ring roller mill (roller press) and other ultrafine grinding equipment are usually used for processing. Impact mill can process raw coke, cooked coke and natural graphite, and the powder processed by impact mill has advantages in crystal shape. Ring roller mill has more advantages in fineness and productivity when processing natural graphite. Graphite processing enterprises can choose the right grinding equipment according to their own needs.
With the increasing refinement of cathode material processing, the requirements for particle size, yield and morphology of products are higher and higher. The "special ultrafine graphite production line for anode materials" launched by Samhar Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. not only can meet the requirements of users in particle size (D50=5-15 micron), high yield, but also has the advantages of low energy consumption, high yield and good crystal shape.
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