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Application of Samhar activation coating mill in powder surface modification

Application of Samhar activation coating mill in powder surface modification

    Samhar powder surface coating mill for modifies the surface of inorganic powder fillers to improve the physical and chemical properties of the surface, improve the compatibility and dispersibility of inorganic minerals and organic polymer or resin, and improve the interface The binding force enhances the mechanical strength and comprehensive performance of the material. Suitable for 200-6000 mesh calcium carbonate, calcined kaolin, talc, titanium dioxide, dolomite powder, white carbon black, wollastonite, mica, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum oxide, fly ash, acid collar, Special equipment for surface modification of various non-metallic mineral powders such as zeolite and pyrophyllite. The powder surface coating rate can reach more than 98%. With high activation rate, it can be matched with a variety of ultra-fine grinding equipment to form a production line.

   The traditional equipment for powder surface modification in our country is a high-speed mixer. Since this equipment is used by traditional industries, there are many defects that limit the development of our country's modification technology. Later, European and three-axis and Japanese three-cylinder continuous modifier technology entered China, which allowed my country's modification technology to develop to a certain extent. But the most famous modification machine in the world is the horizontal modification machine from Germany, but it is very expensive for Chinese people to accept.

   Samhar Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. independently developed a continuous powder surface coating mill through years of hard work. The entire modification process is operated under negative pressure, with a high degree of continuity, independent dosing system, system temperature adjustable, feeding speed controllable, finished product air flow, no dust pollution, large-scale production can be realized, and easy operation and operation Stable and low labor intensity. At the same time, the operating technical parameters, modification temperature and residence time can be adjusted according to the nature of the modifier to ensure a good modification effect and dispersion effect on the ultrafine powder. Samhar coating mill, with simple equipment structure and good activation effect, is the first-choice equipment for inorganic powder modification. The structure of the machine includes:
1. Hopper: Materials enter the hopper from the hopper.
2. Feeding device: adopts twin-screw feeding, adjustable speed, which can ensure the stability of material flow.
3. Temperature control dosing system: automatic temperature control, the melting temperature of the medicine can be set arbitrarily, which is suitable for various solid and liquid forms of modified medicines.
4. Heating system: PLC intelligent temperature control.
5. Modification host: The modification host is composed of a main rotor, a sorting rotor, a cylinder, and a base, with compact structure, good modification effect, and stable and reliable operation.
6. Bag dust collector: basically no pollution, good operating environment.
7. Negative pressure fan: the material runs under negative pressure and has good sealing performance.

Schematic diagram of the process flow of Samhar powder surface coating mill

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