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A heavy calcium carbonate production method from Kelong co.,ltd

A heavy calcium carbonate production method from Kelong co.,ltd

From the State Intellectual Property Office learned that guangxi Hezhou Cologne Powder Co., Ltd. invention patent application "a heavy calcium carbonate production method" announced on June 11.

Guangxi Hezhou Kelong Powder Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, is a collection of mining, ultrafine powder processing and new materials research and development as one of the private high-tech enterprises, is China's heavy calcium carbonate backbone production enterprises.

Cologne powder has a large calcium carbonate raw material mine, with more than 70 production lines, such as centralized raw material crushing station, 10,000-ton leveling station, ball mill, vertical mill, ring roller mill and continuous surface treatment equipment, specializing in the production of various specifications of heavy calcium carbonate products, with an annual capacity of more than 2 million tons. Products are widely used in artificial stone, rubber, plastic, paper, paint, ink, building materials and daily chemical industries.

It is reported that the invention of a heavy calcium carbonate production method, grinding process, specific boot sequence is: first open the classifier, increase to 100 ~ 300, then open the fan, increase to 100 ~ 300, finally open the host, increase to 100 ~ 300; Increase speed alternately by 100 ~ 300 RPM until constant speed is reached; The specific shutdown sequence is: first reduce the speed of the host machine by 100 ~ 300 RPM, then reduce the speed of the fan by 100 ~ 300 RPM, and finally reduce the speed of the classifier by 100 ~ 300 RPM; That is, every time 100 ~ 300 turn so alternately reduce the speed, until stop. In this method, the classifier and the main engine take turns to increase and decrease the speed by increasing and decreasing step by step, which can effectively avoid the generation of coarse particles, so as to not only solve the dust problem, but also do not produce coarse particles, and can achieve accurate control through automatic control.

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