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2021 China (ShanDong) Calcium Industry Expo

2021 China (ShanDong) Calcium Industry Expo

   2021 was the start of the implementation of "difference", to carry out general secretary xi series of important speech spirit create a new situation to develop fast and well, give full play to the very large scale advantages and domestic market potential, build bi-circulating mutual promotion of domestic and international new development pattern, give full play to the association of platform role fully promote the healthy development of calcium industry chain, The "2021 China (Rizhao) Calcium Industry Chain Expo" (calcium Expo for short) is scheduled to be held in Rizhao, Shandong Province from September 14 to 16. During the exhibition and consultation, the whole process of online live broadcasting will bring goods to help enterprises find sales and promote development. All relevant enterprises and institutions are welcome to actively participate in and jointly promote the healthy development of the industry!

   China's production of lime accounts for 70% of the world's total, deep processing products include calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, gray calcium, light calcium, nano calcium and high activity, high content, high specific surface area of lime products, high-end applications such as desiccant, food calcium, medical calcium and so on. Calcium carbonate (light calcium, heavy calcium, nano calcium) is widely used in papermaking, rubber, plastic, paint, printing ink, smelting, medicine, food, leather, printing ink and other industries. Purpose of this exhibition: Platform, promotion road, exhibition area of about 20000 square meters, it is expected that more than 300 enterprises will participate in the exhibition, there will be more than 20000 offline user representatives + online 100000+, aimed at building "calcium products" production units and users on-site trade negotiations, failed to the site of users, through the exhibition during the online live with goods, Can quickly understand the advantages of calcium products and finally clinch a deal

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